What is IONIC

IONIC is a cross platform mobile app development platform. With IONIC, we can develop once and run in multiple platform like android, iOS and windows.

App development is done in HTML, CSS and Typescript (typed javascript language). The code then runs in a native browser wrapped over cordova, which gives access to native features like camera, location, contacts etc.

IONIC SDK has built-in a rich set of reusable UI components. The UI components provide platform specific native look and feel. For e.g., a toggle buttons look and feel will vary depending on the platform on which it is run.

There is also a good collection of Native Plugins for platform specific actions for networking, taking pictures, accessing contacts, tracking location, reading SMS etc

Ionic is built on top of Angular. This gives the added advantage of not having to learn another framework for web developers to handle mobile app development.

Ionic v1 was released in 2013. Ionic v2 a complete rewrite, based on Angular 2.0, was released in Jan 2017. Ionic v3 based on Angular 4.0 was released in Apr 2017.


Faster Development time

Ionic framework can help in reducing the development time of an app by half.

Truly Cross platform

With IONIC, we can just write once, but run the app on multiple platforms like Android, iOS and Windows

Low learning curve

Ionic framework is built on Angular, HTML, CSS and Javascript, the same languages used in Web development.

Eco system

Ionic team and developer community for support and third party libraries and plugins.

IONIC App Development AT APPiLY

At APPiLY Technologies, we have developed several cross platform apps using IONIC. Apps include e-commerce applications, enterprise applications, ride sharing applications.

We have integrated several of the android features into our apps which include

  • Payment Gateway
  • Geo Location, Google Maps
  • Social Media Integration
  • Media - Photo gallery, take pictures and record video
  • Access Phone Contacts, and SMS
  • UI components, Graphs and Charts
  • Database
  • Networking
  • Firebase Integration for authentication, real time database and notification

Work Samples

ECommerce Apps, Taxi Hailing Apps, Sales CRM Apps, IOT Apps, Enterprise Asset Management Apps - Check out our portfolio of apps.