Why iOS

iPhone's market share of the smartphone market is around 15% worldwide. However, businesses cannot simply ignore or give less importance to iPhone Users. The iPhone market share in North America for instance, is around 48% and around 49% in United Kingdom.

iPhone users also happen to fall into a different economic strata and studies have shown that e-commerce businesses for example have made more revenue from iPhone users compared to Android users. For these reasons, businesses and enterprises have a need to engage their customers with apps build for iPhones.

iOS SDK Features

As a technology leader, Apple provides several attractive features on its iPhone series. These features include

  • Facial Recognition and fingerprint authentication
  • Integration with Apple Pay
  • iCloud integration - to store and retrieve data into the iCloud Drive
  • iAd - to integrate ads into your app
  • ntegration with Apple Watch
  • Access to health data on the phone and apple watch
  • Location and motion sensors
  • Database and file storage
  • Messaging, Contacts and Call Records
  • Maps
  • Notifications
  • Integration with Siri
  • Networking, bluetooth and iBeacon

Native App or Hybrid App

There are many hybrid App development frameworks such as react native and Ionic, which helps developers, develop apps once, but build and run the app on multiple platforms including android and iOS.

There are pros and cons with developing apps using hybrid frameworks compared to pure native android applications.

Why develop iOS natively?

  • Apple periodically releases iOS versions with enhanced features which can be readily deployed in to applications.
  • There is a huge community of developers for support and development of libraries and plugins
  • Superior performance and native app experience.

Why develop with Hybrid?

  • The main reason to develop in hybrid is to reduce cost and development time. Code is written once, but can be compiled to run on multiple platforms, thus reducing the develop time. Companies also don't need to employ engineers with multiple skill sets.

iOS App Development AT APPiLY

At APPiLY Technologies, we have developed several native as well as cross platform apps. Apps include chat applications, e-commerce applications, sales/productivity apps and enterprise applications.

We have integrated several of the iOS SDK features into our apps which include.

  • Firebase integration for authentication, real time database and push notifications
  • Social media integration
  • Graphics with OpenGL
  • Bar Code Scanner
  • UI components
  • Google maps
  • Graphs and Charts
  • Database and file storage
  • Signature capture
  • Audio and Video recording and playback
  • Payment gateway integration

Work Samples

ECommerce Apps, Taxi Hailing Apps, Sales CRM Apps, IOT Apps, Enterprise Asset Management Apps - Check out our portfolio of apps.