Recent Works

ECommerce Shopping App

Ionic, Android, iOS, Payment Gateway, Firebase, Whatsapp, Social Media Integration, MongoDB, NodeJS

App for online shopping and engaging customers with updates and notifications. This app has the following features.

  • Product Catalog, multiple product images, image gallery
  • Shopping Cart & Payment Gateway Integrated
  • Whatsapp & Social media integrated
  • NodeJS/ExpressJS with MongoDB Database
  • Built for iOS and Android with Ionic Framework

Mobile CRM Solution

Android, Call Recording, Google calendar, Email Integration, NodeJS, Azure, Azure Media Services, MSSQL

A mobile CRM solution that helps sales personal record and track customer interactions, prioritize and follow up on enquiries; helps managers gather analytics on sales conversions.

  • Automated recording of sales calls, uploaded to cloud and streamed instantaneously.
  • Call audio format conversions on the cloud; automatic scaling to handle peak load.
  • Integrated with Gmail, Google Calendar, Office 365 email and Calendar.
  • Server backend with NodeJS/ExpressJS and MSSQL database built for performance and scale.
  • Solution deployed in azure cloud platform and built for scale, performance and reliability.
  • Admin Dashboard with analytics on sales performance. Automated email reports with daily summary..

Social Chat Application

Native Android, XMPP Chat, 1-on-1 chat, Group Chat, Media Sharing, NodeJS, AWS, Notifications

A social chat application for sports enthusiasts. It feeds in real time game scores and commentary and allows friends to form groups and chat and support their favorite teams.

  • Chat implementation using XMPP protocol. Support for Private and Group chats.
  • Support for creating and sharing of audio, video and images. Support for sports news feed.
  • REST server to handle game scores and commentary feed, user and chat creation and administration. Hosted on AWS cloud platform.

Enterprise Asset Management App

Native iOS, Swift, Barcode Reader, Signature capture, Offline Mode, Push Notifications

Maximo 360 is a Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) application for workorder management. Complete solution to manage work activities, from initial request through completion and recording of actuals.

  • Developed for iOS in Swift programming language. Cool UI elements and animations. Core Data based database.
  • Supports taking photos and videos of work done, capturing signature & uploading to server. Includes barcode reader.
  • Google map integration to show location of assets.
  • Interacts with IBM Maximo server for all work order management, fetching workorder details and updating with status and snapshots.
  • Seamless offline mode of operation. All data cached locally and synced with server when online in background.
  • Users receive work order assignments and changes through push notification.

IOT Dashboard App

Native Android, IOT, Firebase Notifications, Basecamp Integration, Charts

Dashboard app for a solar IOT Device. Monitor solar energy generated and utilized and remotely control the device.

  • Native Android App.
  • Custom Graphs and Charts.
  • Integrated with Basecamp API.
  • Backend on Ruby on Rails with MySQL database.
  • Firebase push notifications

Network Admin App

Native Android, IOT, Firebase Notifications, Charts, Performance Optimization

Network administrator app for a Level 3 switch. Quickly identify network performance or availabilty issues with a few clicks.

  • Native Android App.
  • Custom Graphs and Charts.
  • Optimized for handling large volume of data. Data Caching and Synchronization
  • Firebase push notifications